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          Business Insurance

          Group Life Insurance

          Life insurance is a good way to make sure those who depend on you are financially protected if something unexpected happens. ?As a business owner, offering group life insurance is an easy way to provide your employees a benefit they value and appreciate. In today’s competitive job market, it’s just one more way to attract and keep good employees, and it’s cost effective too.


          Whether you employ two people or 200, Erie Family Life1 has a plan designed to provide your full-time workers with financial security. You can provide group term life, an affordable option paid by you, as a benefit to your employees. Or, you can offer your employees insurance through a voluntary payroll deduction program where they pay the life insurance premiums.


          Typically paid in full by the employer, group term life insurance can cover employees with a policy that renews each year and provides a guaranteed death benefit.

          Here are some basics about group term life coverage. Talk to your local ERIE Agent for more detailed information and guidance.



          Erie Family Life offers a payroll deduction life insurance program you can provide to your employees. It can be offered in conjunction with group term life insurance or as a stand-alone program. 
          The program is simple. Your Erie Insurance agent will meet with your employees in an informal group setting and explain the coverage available to them. There is no cost to you other than processing the scheduled premium deductions from employee paychecks.

          Here are some basics about this voluntary life insurance coverage. Talk to your ERIE agent for more detailed information and guidance.



          For more information on these options, to request a life insurance quote or schedule an appointment, contact your local ERIE agent today. Our agents are licensed professionals who will help you select the best coverage to help protect your business.


          1This web page is not intended as estate planning or tax advice. Please consult a qualified professional advisor.