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          Car Sense

          Car Sense

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          Earlier Posts

          How to Tow a Trailer Properly

          July 16, 2019
          It might not seem that different than driving a car, but towing a trailer requires making some changes to your driving style.

          Am I Covered When I Lend My Car to Friends or Family?

          July 03, 2019
          Find out the answer to this common insurance question.

          Trouble Driving at Night? Check Out These 6 Tips

          June 26, 2019
          When driving at night, you have less time to react. Here's how to make sure you're seeing things clearly.

          Yep! Accidents Happen. (Then What?)

          June 17, 2019
          Wondering if you should file a claim? Here’s why your ERIE agent should be your first call.

          This Program Uses Brain Science To Help Teens Drive Safer

          June 07, 2019
          We’re proud to announce our partnership with the teenSMART® crash reduction program from ADEPT Driver®. Even better? It might even qualify you for a discount.

          Understanding Auto Insurance Endorsements

          May 31, 2019
          An endorsement is a good way to add extra coverage to your policy without having to purchase an entirely new one. Here’s what your options are as an ERIE customer.