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          Business Sense

          Business Sense

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          Earlier Posts

          How to Help Your Employees Return to Work

          April 17, 2019
          Taking care of your employees, especially if they’ve been off work for an injury or illness, is a top priority. Here’s what to know.

          Is Auto Insurance Tax Deductible? It Depends

          March 15, 2019
          Thinking about the different IRS-approved deductions as you prepare your tax returns may lead you to wonder: Is auto insurance tax deductible? The answer? It depends on how you use the car and other factors.

          Does Your Business Need a Backup Generator?

          March 04, 2019
          Losing power can do more than damper your day. It can affect your business’s bottom line. Find out how you can prepare and prevent from such a loss.

          5 Reasons Employees Might Sue (And Recommendations for What You Can Do About It)

          March 04, 2019
          Whether the accusations are true or groundless, a lawsuit can cost your business more than you might expect. Here’s how business owners can protect themselves.

          Why Should I Consider a Business Umbrella Policy?

          March 04, 2019
          If one of your drivers causes a serious accident, a suit can be filed against your business. Here’s how to know if your current insurance coverage would be enough.

          Why You Need a Business Mentor

          March 01, 2019
          In business, as in life, it helps to get advice from someone who’s been there. Find out how a mentor can help you – and where to find one.